Case Studies

Case Studies—Really?! I can call them for that?

Virtual assistants possess the knowledge, skills, and experiences that can help you achieve your goals. This list of case studies provides examples, which may not readily come to mind, of how Virtual Ministry Assistants work with churches, solve problems, and provide results. If your situation is not represented in the case studies below, we have creative and affordable solutions that can produce extraordinary results and make you a raving fan of our services.

Time is running out…I need it yesterday!

Situation: A pastor’s personal secretary became ill and was unable to help complete his manuscript. He was on a very tight deadline and needed to dictate chapters, receive transcripts, and have edits completed within 72 hours. After the manuscript was approved, he needed someone to complete the fulfillment process and ship 200 books to the location where he was scheduled to sign books.

Solution: The pastor contacted Virtual Ministry Assistants. We formed a virtual assistant team and assigned tasks to each member based on his/her personal expertise. Three transcriptionists transcribed the manuscript, two proofreaders were on standby to handle the edits as the client submitted the chapters, and two more virtual assistants shipped the books to their final destination.

Result: Two hundred copies of the book were prepared to the author’s specifications and shipped to the event. The pastor’s appearance was an overwhelming and profitable success. 

Oops…did I do that?

Situation: A staff member who was a novice at website maintenance unintentionally degraded the church website and corrupted its layout. The church needed the problem corrected quickly.

Solution: The church contacted Virtual Ministry Assistants. We quickly assigned a virtual assistant who had experience in website maintenance to look at the code and fix the problem immediately. 

Result: After the initial fix, the church hired Virtual Ministry Assistants to update their website on a regular basis and to submit their site to various search engines. Because of the site enhancements and improved search engine placement, the church website received more documented visits, increased live and on-demand views, and saw a rise in both online giving and a 15% increase in bookstore sales. First-time visitors repeatedly reported they found the church by doing an online search.

Zeros and periods can make a huge difference…

Situation: A church financial manager had her retained virtual assistant for about three months. Recently they had been working together to create a dynamic PowerPoint presentation to inform donors about the upcoming capital campaign to build a Family Development Center. The financial manager made some last minute changes to the PowerPoint as she rushed to the meeting. While en route, she realized she left her thumb drive in her computer and no longer had a copy of the presentation.

Solution: The financial manager contacted her virtual assistant, who logged onto Dropbox to retrieve the report.  As the virtual assistant double checked to make sure the presentation was perfect, she found an error that would have negatively impacted the financial component of the presentation. The virtual assistant contacted the financial manager, they revised the section, and the virtual assistant e-mailed the corrected material in time for the financial manager to make her presentation.

Result: The church avoided the embarrassment of presenting an erroneous presentation to donors and subsequently raised enough money to begin construction of the Family Development Center.

Coming to a community near you…

Situation: A church wanted to develop videos to promote their new worship location but was unfamiliar with video technology and software choices. In addition, the church did not have a staff member who had time to create either the videos or a promotion plan.

Solution: Virtual Ministry Assistants scheduled a video conference with the church to develop a complete strategy, including identifying topics to research, target audience, budget, equipment, branding, and more.  After the initial meeting, Virtual Ministry Assistants presented options, resources, recommendations, and a preliminary marketing strategy to the church. The church decided on the various options they wanted to implement and requested we assign a virtual assistant to implement and orchestrate the plan.

Result: The church gained valuable exposure for the new worship service in their community and current church members were inspired to help the new worship service get off the ground. The first worship service in the new location exceeded expectations in both attendance and volunteer participation.