Beyond Ministry Management

Contributor—Mark DeVries, President of Ministry Architects Most of us in the “profession” of ministry were not trained to lead.  We were trained to speak.  We were trained to teach, to preach, to visit, to exegete, maybe even to manage. But few of us were taught to lead. Leaders place a premium on setting a course,…
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7 Reasons Your Church Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Many pastors, leaders, and church staff today are spending a lot of time focusing on administrative tasks. These tasks are shifting their focus from the other major roles that need their attention. Church budgets are also tighter than ever, requiring ministries to do more with less. A virtual assistant can provide ministries with quality administrative…
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Of Course It Makes a Difference

Contributor—Jeff Dunn-Rankin, Executive Vice President of Ministry Architects I think when you tell a story, pray a fervent prayer, or throw any sort of ministry into God's waters, you never know where the ripples are going to travel. Just now, I was praying after reading a passage in Matthew, and I was contemplating the moment…
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