Of Course It Makes a Difference

Contributor—Jeff Dunn-Rankin, Executive Vice President of Ministry Architects

I think when you tell a story, pray a fervent prayer, or throw any sort of ministry into God's waters, you never know where the ripples are going to travel.

Just now, I was praying after reading a passage in Matthew, and I was contemplating the moment where Jesus says to Peter, "Flesh and blood didn't reveal that to you. It was my father in heaven." As I was praying, a song called "Be Still" became part of my prayer. It just sort of slipped in, as a natural part of the conversation.

The song was written by Joshua Price, a super-gifted guy who came to our youth group when he was younger. Now he’s a worship leader whose music is sold on iTunes.  Josh had no idea his ministry was at work in my life this morning.  But it was.

I think that must happen every day, all over the country—someone starts singing a song, or a kid in crisis remembers that God is still good. Meanwhile, the songwriter or the youth pastor is stopping at Starbucks or trying to find a Sunday school teacher or sleeping.  Completely unaware that God is using our work to change somebody’s world.

Today, I want you to be aware.

What we do—it matters.

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